We recently made our hosted by 3CX solution available to our partners, and now we are ready to extend our hosted offering to our end-users. So if you want to benefit from a zero maintenance, cost effective hosted solution, be the first to try it out in your business environment and let us know what you think.

Go from 0 to 3CX in 15 seconds

In a nutshell, with hosted by 3CX you spend much less time and money on installing and managing your instance. Our 4 top reasons why you should make the switch:

  • Eliminate OS Admin: Never have to deal with complex OS, network and system management – 3CX will do it for you!
  • Automatic updates: No need to worry about 3CX updates, we apply them for you and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Remote-enable your teams: Have your teams up and running remotely in no time with straightforward support of remote locations and effortless merging of remote PBXs.
  • Cut costs: Currently paying your hosting provider a monthly fee? New users can get 1 year free hosting on us! If you are already a 3CX customer, switch to hosted by 3CX and get free hosting up until end Q1 2021.

Too Good to be True? Try it Out Now!

switch to hosted by 3cx

Current on-premise and self-hosted installations can switch to hosted by 3CX directly from the customer portal. Simply click on “Switch to Hosted” under “My Subscriptions” and follow the steps. You will be prompted to take a backup of your current 3CX instance and upload it. Once uploaded, the PBX will automatically be upgraded to Update 6.

For those on V15.5 and below, you will first need to upgrade to V15.5 SP6 and follow the procedure above.

Read the manual here for more information on how to migrate. You can purchase a migration support ticket at any time in case of any issues.


  • You cannot use CFD (Call Flow Designer) apps.
  • IP phones must be configured behind a 3CX SBC.
  • You must have moved your phone lines to a supported SIP trunk provider (see how to check) and no longer be using FXO/ISDN gateways
  • Only works with supported register based SIP trunks.
  • You will not get SSH access to the machine – all operating system management is done by 3CX.

We’re excited to know what you think. Do give it a go and leave us your feedback via the community forum.



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