3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX.

Cloud Telephone Systems

Is your telephone system nearing the end of its useful life and looking for a reliable cloud telephone system?

Telephony Saving

V4B telephone services can save your business money and provide that crucial competitive edge.


VoIP hardware/software transforms your business communications.

Sip Trunk

SIP Trunks are the 21st Century Telephone Line.

Mobile Calls

Cheap International Calls from your mobile/cell phone.

what is a VoIP business phone system & Who We Are

About V4B


It is our mission to enable Small and Medium sized businesses worldwide to communicate in a cost effective manner using VoIP and other advanced telecommunication technologies…

Our Purpose Is To Make Your Business Better Through The Application Of The Right Telephony.

Are you looking for dependable and high quality telephony to support your profitable growth?

Are you looking to work with people who will get underneath the specifics of your telephony challenges?

Do you seek a telephony provider that wants to go the extra mile in providing you with through-life support?


V4B can provide s full turnkey installation of 3CX, ensuring your business gains the maximum benefit from implementing 3CX.

3CX Support

V4B consultants and engineers are Advanced Certified on 3CX telephone systems. V4B is also a Premium Partner.

21st Century Phone System

V4B, offers 3CX; other IP PBX solutions and enterprise level software and hardware based IP office systems.

Hosted VoIP

V4B can provide the complete solution to your telephony needs. We offer a full range of telephones, VoIP gateways and ATA’s to maximise the benefits of our VoIP service.

Telephony Installation

Whatever the combination of telephony elements we agree for your business, V4B will install them and provide through-life support thereafter.

Selecting A 3CX Service

Your telephony has a vital and a productive function to carry out for your business. Careful selection is a must.


3cx Phone System is an award-winning software-based IP PBX offering Unified communications that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX.

It is based on the SIP standard and supports most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service providers and PSTN phone lines. With both a Windows and Linux version, 3CX can be implemented as an onsite solution or hosted by V4B or in your own cloud environment for maximum flexibility.

V4B can provide full turnkey installation of 3cx, ensuring your business gains the maximum benefit from implementing 3cx. Coupled with our sip trunks your business will see significant benefits from 3cx.


Support is one of the things we do best for our customers

Support is integral to the V4B service. At all times, we want to minimise interruptions in your telephony service, allowing you to maximise the returns from your telephony

We support all elements of the telephony service that we provide to you.

Selecting A 3CX VoIP Service

Your telephony has a vital and a productive function to carry out for your business. Careful selection is a must.

The starting point is your telephony challenge. As consultants and engineers, we will get to the bottom of your challenge quickly but using rigour in our analysis.

We do not sell a finite group of telephony services. We keep our eyes open and procure what is right for you. We install the solution and support you throughout its life and beyond.

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I have been using the service for some years now and on the few occasions when I have had a problem it has been dealt with sensibly and ALWAYS easy to understand.

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V4B always deliver great customer service, whether its provisioning or support related the response time is faultless.

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“It doesn’t matter what the request, the V4B team responds promptly & professionally. We consider them a valued partner that we will continue to work with as our business continues to grow.”

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