‘We follow a set of v4b principles to make every client engagement efficient, effective and human.’

V4b Support Principles

Support is integral to the v4b service. At all times, we want to minimise interruptions in your telephony service, allowing you to maximise the returns from your telephony.

We support all elements of the telephony service that we provide to you.

Installation Complete = Client Empowered

First, it is important that we get you ‘up and running’ with your new telephony service. Installation at v4b is carried out in a way that causes minimum disruption in service. In most instances, the transition, whether to a new system, porting your calls to v4b or another enhancement is seamless.

Trained installers

Trained installers provide support during the installation. This support extends beyond – up to a month, if needed – to address any questions and help you to become a competent user.

Automatic Failover

v4b provides automatic failover to our VOIP telephony clients. If your v4b telephony service develops a fault for whatever reason, we route your inbound calls to a nominated different number. The facility is there to provide you with a functioning service during such eventualities.

Faults Addressed Fast. No Blame Games

If there is a need to undertake work on any element of your telephony service, we will do it in a way that causes the minimum of disruption. We will make a business-focused judgement in regard to when we do the work – inside or outside of peak business hours. This applies also to any maintenance, like incorporating a new employee into the service.

At all times the v4b support team will Respect Your Time your Staff  and your  Premises.

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