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VoIP - Is it right for my business?

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VoIP designed for your business

With the improvements in broadband connection and the advent of high quality business VoIP services from VoIP Service Providers such as V4B VoIP now offers substantial benefits to business users without forfeiting quality. VoIP does not just provide cost savings on calls, its brings to your business a rich variety of functionality that can improve your communications across the business, enhance your customers experience, reduce your capital outlay and provide substantial savings on telecommunications related costs.

So will my business benefit from implementing VoIP?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you need to contact V4B today to see how VoIP can revolutionise your business and provide you with major cost savings:

Least Cost Routing

Telephone Systems

Serviced Offices

Telephone Lines

Sip Trunks

If your business is a stand alone operation primarily making calls to a wide range of local landline or mobiles you may not make significant call saving using VoIP. Unless you are in a serviced office, about to move, have a large number of telephone lines or need to invest in new office systems then VoIP is unlikely to be the answer for your business. Under these circumstances a carrier pre select (CPS) or indirect access service could provide the best solution.  Contact us at 0207 442 2229 to find out how you can still save at least 25% on your telephone calls without implementing VoIP
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