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What is VoIP?

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a technology that allows telephone calls to be made using the Internet rather that a traditional telephone line. In the 21st century VoIP is revolutionising voice communications around the world. Using VoIP, V4B is able to offer business customers cost effective and functionally rich voice telephone services and systems anywhere in the world where internet access is available.  With our Sip Trunks; VoIP gateways; IP Telephones; International telephone numbers; or IP-PBX  V4B can transform your business communications methods as well as offering significant cost savings.

VoIP has been around for many years, used extensively in the telecommunications industry to transmit international calls. More recently new VoIP and Instant Messaging services have allowed online users to talk to each other free of charge from PC to PC, as well as providing cheap paid services to normal landlines and mobile/cell phones, PC to Phone. These PC based VoIP services have traditionally been used extensively by individuals in high cost regions such as the Middle East, Latin America and the USA using VoIP soft phones such as X-Lite.  VoIP converts voice communications into data, allowing VoIP calls to be transmitted across the internet. With calls between two VoIP devices, there is no cost associated with this, enabling free calls to be made even between different countries. With VoIP you can receive calls to your telephone number anywhere in the world, even following the sun for a business with global offices.

When calls are being made to a traditional telephone, VoIP enables calls to be routed free to the VoIP providers own telephone switches from anywhere in the world.  Calls are then routed over the normal telephone network to the final destination, a normal landline or mobile/cell phone. By using least cost routing VoIP provider such as V4B are then able to significantly undercut the incumbent operator particularly in high cost countries.

With the advent of lower cost broadband the provision of SIP Trunks has provided additional benefits to business customers. SIP Trunks is the term used for VoIP services that allow multiple concurrent inbound and outbound calls. This allows business customers the capacity levels of high cost ISDN telephone lines but at a much lower cost. Unlike many VoIP Providers, V4B VoIP numbers are all SIP trunks, providing unlimited VoIP traffic without the additional costs that many VoIP Providers charge for a SIP Trunk.

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