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VoIP designed for your business

You can use VoIP with no more than a PC VoIP client such as X Lite to make cheap or free VoIP calls. This is great for consumers, but  less useful in a business environment. VoIP hardware such as VoIP gateways, VoIP PC Cards, IP telephone or IP PBX enables your business to make VoIP calls through a telephone, just like a traditional telephone call but with the major benefits of VoIP. You can even use a DECT cordless phone to give even greater flexibility for your business. With a VoIP solution or Sip Trunk from V4B your business gains the maximum benefits from VoIP, not just lower call costs.

Making VoIP calls between two PC's may be great for consumers - but how does a business make real calls from an office phone using VoIP?

Most VoIP providers offer calls from PC's to real phones but for business users calling from their normal telephones it is best to use a business VoIP provider such as V4B who can not only provide VoIP Gateways, VoIP Cards or IP PBX's but will also configure the VoIP hardware for your business to maximise the benefits you achieve from VoIP.  Remember the maximum benefits come when you implement a VoIP service in a number of locations in different countries. With our international capabilities, V4B can support your business across the globe, giving even greater benefits.

But if I am calling traditional phones what's the benefit of VoIP?







Initially most VoIP calls to traditional telephones or mobile/cell phones were made using PC to Phone or callshop services in high cost areas such as the Middle East. In countries where the incumbent telephone operator has a monopoly they historically charge very high rates. As VoIP providers are able to take the calls to more competitive areas and have a lower cost base they can offer significant savings in such regions - normally well in excess of 50%. In addition, some VoIP service providers used cheap low quality carriers resulting in poorer call quality and low levels of connections (ASR) allowing them to offer even  lower rates but with very poor levels of quality.

In more competitive markets such as the United Kingdom and Western Europe, the savings on using VoIP to make telephone calls has been much smaller compared to traditional phones services such as Carrier Pre Select. This is a major reason why VoIP penetration in such countries is much smaller than in markets such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India and South America. For business customers the real benefits of VoIP are not just the savings on call costs; major savings can be achieved with free calls between locations, including international locations, lower line rental costs, having local telephone numbers in countries with no physical presence and the improved functionality available through VoIP Providers such as V4B.

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For business customers the benefits of VoIP are not just lower calling costs. Implementing a VoIP service designed for your business from a provider such as V4B can transform your business. As well as savings on calls, VoIP benefits can include:

How can I make VoIP calls from my normal office phones?

Business VoIP Providers such as V4B understand that for most business customers making phone calls through their PC's is not a viable option. Using VoIP gateways, VoIP PCI Cards, IP telephones, VoIP enabled Mobile/Cell phones or an IP PBX brings your business the advantages of VoIP combined with the same or improved functionality of your current office telephone system. If your office doesn't have an office telephone system (PBX), or needs to update it then using VoIP office systems or VoIP hardware can provide your business with major benefits at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a traditional office telephone system.

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