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Business VoIP is no longer just available to very large corporations with significant technical resources. With V4B, the Business VoIP Provider, your business can now reap the benefits of VoIP service. V4B only providers VoIP services to businesses and understand about the critical importance of good quality telephone calls to business users.  Ensure that your VoIP Providers can offer unrivalled quality and service, use V4B the Business VoIP Provider.

Business customers need to be sure they do not just have excellent call quality but that they have confidence that they will connect successfully when they dial a number and they receive all incoming calls from customers. V4B is the VoIP Provider that only offers VoIP services to business customers. Our services are designed for the needs of your business providing the best call quality, connection success and unparalleled customer support.

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V4B does not just provide excellent calls, we understand that business customers need more than this. To help you manage your communications cost we provide, free of charge, monthly detailed call analysis in a digital format enabling our customers to carry out their own review of their telephone costs. For customers wishing to obtain an up to the minute list of their recent calls V4B offers an online web management service showing calls in real time.

V4B management has significant experience in the VoIP industry and are able to help your business implement the optimum solution for you. Whether as part of an V4B service or on a consultancy basis we can  unleash the real benefits of VoIP for your business worldwide.

If you already have invested in VoIP hardware are you amongst the 30% of businesses that cannot configure the hardware. V4B can help your business not just making your VoIP hardware work, but even when you are able to make calls between locations we can  help you maximise the benefits of your investment.

Implementing VoIP with V4B will transform your business. The many benefits of using V4B VoIP includes:

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