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VoIP Interface Cards   
The cost effective means to VoIP enable your legacy office telephone system                      

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VoIP  interface cards provide an excellent and cost effective means of connecting your existing PSTN telephone lines to your VoIP system.

VoIP Interface Cards from manufactures such as Sangoma provide the ideal means of retaining your current telephone numbers, or connecting new telephone numbers, to the increased functionality of a VoIP telephone system. Whether your current installation is an ISDN PRI, ISDN BR or traditional analogue lines, there is a VoIP interface Cards that meets your requirements.

VoIP Interface Cards come as either PCI Cards or PCI Express Cards to ensure they are compatible with your PC. Using a VoIP Card with an IP PBX such as aipVoxx provides maximum flexibility for your VoIP installation. Using VoIP Interface Cards enables your business to:

Selecting the right VoIP Interface Card for your business is critical and dependant on your business needs and current system. V4B can supply and support most Interface Cards to ensure your business maximises the benefits from implementing VOIP.

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