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V4B is a global leader in providing VoIP and related telecommunication services to business customers around the globe. Our success is built on providing the best call quality and unrivalled customer service to its customers worldwide. With customers n every continent using our telecommunications services we are looking for local partners who have the same passion as us in providing excellent service to our customers. Your business can share in our success and join in the VoIP revolution.

If your business is involved in providing technology based services and products to a local customer base and you share our passion for customer service then you could earn additional revenues by becoming an V4B partner.

With worldwide distribution and support, your customers can benefit not just by implementing VoIP in your local offices but they can maximise the benefits by implementing VoIP across their global network.

V4B offers an unrivalled range of telecommunication services services allowing our partners to maximise their revenues and provide unbeatable services to their customers.

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Maximise the benefits of VoIP across your sites worldwide. With our International Partners we can supply and support VoIP services across the globe providing an integrated service to all your offices.

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