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VoIP Gateways   
The cost effective means to VoIP enable your legacy office telephone system                      

VoIP designed for your business

VoIP  gateways are the most flexible VoIP solutions for many small and medium sized businesses worldwide. From small 2 line standalone gateways through to multiple channel devices that connect to office ISDN circuits, a properly configured VoIP gateway can provide your business with the amazing benefits of VoIP through your existing office telephone systems. when a GSM Gateway is incorporated you can make even greater savings and build full resilience into your office telecommunications.

A VoIP gateway is a physical device that  converts the signal from a normal telephone handset into VoIP packets enabling VoIP calls to be made from a traditional telephone. This provides major benefits to a business compared to either traditional phone services or  PC to Phone based VoIP, including:

VoIP gateways can be either analogue or digital, some even incorporating a GSM Gateway; depending on the type of your legacy telephone system.  Digital gateways are used with telephone systems that have an ISDN connection, analogue gateways  operate with smaller office telephone systems or in a stand alone mode.

Selecting the right VoIP gateway for your business is critical and dependant on your business needs and current system. V4B can support all the major gateways available to ensure your business maximises the benefits from implementing VOIP. Make sure you purchase the right VoIP equipment by contacting us on

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or  customerservices@voip4business.biz

If you need support in configuring your existing VoIP gateway, or want to find out more about the benefits from using Voice over IP then please contact customerservices@voip4business.biz

Apart from the benefit of being able to use proper telephones to make VoIP calls, gateways provide further benefits in terms of the office security. PC to Phone services require software to sit on all PC’s using the service. This means that the office firewall must allow free traffic on the appropriate ports for the VoIP service to work. With peer to peer services they may be a further requirement to allow the service to utilise capacity on the PC’s in the network. This may not be an issue, but many companies wish to keep a very tight control on their computer security to minimise the likelihood of viruses and other security breeches. Since VoIP gateways connect to the individual users through the telephone network they can be sited in the firewall DMZ to provide maximum  computer security for the business.

To find out how V4B can help you implement a VoIP system please contact us at sales@voip4business.biz.  For a user guide on a typical V4B gateway go to VoIP Installation Guide


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