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VoIP for your Business
Transform your telecommunications with V4B the Business VoIP Provider 

VoIP designed for your business

Large multi national corporations, able to invest heavily in capital expenditure and technical know how have gained major competitive advantages through implementing VoIP throughout their business.  V4B can now ensure that small and medium  sized businesses achieve the significant benefits of VoIP previously only available at high capital cost and with significant technical resources.

What benefits can my business gain from implementing VoIP with V4B:


So how do small and medium sized businesses implement VoIP and keep their competitive edge?

In the past, Small and Medium sized businesses have had a difficult choice when considering VoIP. For most businesses the telephone is a critical method of communications and needs to be highly reliable with consistent good call quality and high levels of successful calls (ASR). Traditional PC to Phone solutions, primarily focused on consumer markets, do not integrate into existing office telephone systems and  are unable to offer the levels of consistency and call quality required by business users. V4B offers solutions dedicated to the needs of business users and provides a range of hardware and services designed to provide the optimum service for business customers through their existing telephones are IP phones.

V4B provides your business unrivalled support in implementing a VoIP service. We can advise you on the best solution for your business and with our International coverage can support your operations worldwide.

V4B can offer the following hardware and services to maximise the benefits of VoIP to your business:


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