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One of the many benefits of VoIP for business users is lower telephone costs for business users with both call cost and line rental savings. Using V4B VoIP not only offers lower call charges than traditional telecommunication operators but also  allows free calls between locations, unlimited SIP trunks and many other business benefits. V4B offers unrivalled customer support and call quality together with excellent connection success rates (ASR’s).  V4B customers show savings of as much as 75% against their previous supplier. Call us now to find out how much your business will save with VoIP from V4B. Call +44 (0)207 442 2229; +61 (0)280 147185 or email us at info@voip4business.biz.

V4B, the VoIP Provider for your business, can help you realise the major benefits from implementing a Business VoIP based telephone service.  From the configuration of your existing equipment through to the implementation of a major IP-PBX, V4B can support you and ensure that your Business VoIP solution is reliable with the call quality and consistency your business demands. With V4B you can achieve anything from just free calls between two locations to fully integrated solution providing the most cost effective ways of communicating with your customers, suppliers, employees and other business partners.

V4B International VoIP service can help your business reduce its telephone costs by offering highly competitive rates and providing tools to enable you to improve the cost control in your business. Using business VoIP from V4B your business can achieve the following benefits:

Over 25% of VoIP gateways purchased are never used because the owner is unable to configure then for use with VoIP service providers. As V4B only deals with  business VoIP, we have the capacity and knowledge to support your business in configuring and using your VoIP gateway, IP telephone, VoIP ATA or even your Cisco CallManager. If you acquire your VoIP hardware through V4B we will pre configure it to your specification and provide technical support to ensure that you can gain the maximum benefits from Business VoIP. For details of how V4B can help your business make your existing VoIP hardware work, contact us at technical@voip4business.biz.

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