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vega400 voIP gateway


Vegastream Vega 400

The Vega 400 connects existing digital PBXs and the public network to IP networks bringing dramatic telephony cost savings. The Vega 400 is a new class of VoIP gateway - field upgradeable from 15 to 120 VoIP calls and delivering maximum throughput for all supported VoIP traffic.

With digital VoIP gateways you can convert your existing digital PBX/office telephone system into a VoIP enabled system with no reconfiguration. simply connect your Vegastream VoIP gateway to your outbound ISDN connection and you can make VoIP calls immediately. V4B, the business VoIP Provider can configure your Vegastream to allow calls to go through our VoIP service or through your current telephone operator. The Vegastream digital VoIP gateway can offer additional resilience by routing all calls over one service in the unlikely event that either service is down.



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