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V4B - The Telecommunications Provider for your business       

Telecommunications designed for your business

V4B Contact Details:

You can contact us  via e mail at:

Sales                           sales@voip4business.biz

Customer Services      customerservices@voip4business.biz

General enquiries        info@voip4business.biz

Alternatively you can call us on:

UK Sales                        0207 442 2229

International Sales        +44 (0)20 3135 0145

Asia Pacific Sales            +61 (0)280 147185

Customer Services        +44 (0)808  204 0347

or write to

V4B Communications Ltd
Communications House
26 York Street
United Kingdom


Register Company Number: 6779693 (Registered in England & Wales)



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V4B the Telecommunications Provider for your business