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VoIP  - Voice over IP                                               
The Basics of Voice over IP                                    

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VoIP is used extensively in the telecommunications industry, particularly to to transmit international calls between telecommunication providers. In addition, VoIP and Instant Messaging services have allowed online users to talk to each other free of charge, PC to PC, as well as providing cheap paid services to normal landlines and mobile/cell phones, PC to Phone.  More recently, the advent of dedicated business VoIP Providers and high quality VoIP hardware has opened the benefits and saving of VoIP to small and medium sized businesses.

VoIP converts voice telephone calls to packets of data that can be transmitted across the internet or other data networks. The simplest type of VoIP services, such as instant messaging, allows two people to talk to each free of charge using their computers and the internet. Nothing else is need except a microphone and speakers.

PC to Phone services also allow free calls between different PC's as well as being able to make paid calls to traditional phones and mobile/cell phones. These services have been around for about 10 years and require special phone software to be downloaded to the computer. Although there are many providers of these services, many users their own bespoke software preventing easy use between PC's not having the same software and limiting the availability of hardware devices compatible with these services.

The earliest PC to Phone operations used a protocol called H323 but in the last 5 years a technology called SIP has become the predominant protocol for most operators. Using SIP provides many benefits to users since most of the hardware and software is open source making it relatively easy to switch providers at a consumer level. Certain well know PC to Phone companies use Peer to Peer software, using the users PC's and bandwidth as part of the processing network.

When making calls from a PC or VoIP device to a traditional phone or mobile/cell phone, only part of the call is via VoIP and therefore cost free.  The first part of the call from the calling device to the VoIP Providers own equipment is carried over the internet. Once at the VoIP Providers own equipment the calls are converted back to traditional telephone calls and then transmitted to the end telephone just like any other call.

So if the call is terminated just like any other call why is VoIP cheaper than traditional telephones?  There are several reasons why VoIP calls to traditional phones are cheaper:





VoIP The Basics

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The advent of high speed broadband at affordable prices and a large range of hardware options has opened up the VoIP market for business users. This not only allows Business VoIP Providers such as V4B to offer high quality VoIP services through legacy office telephone systems, IP PBX software or standalone IP devices but provides other benefits such as: 













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