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snom MeetingPoint IP Conference Phone


With the advent of the snom MeetingPoint, snom have brought their first conference phone to the market. With all the quality expectations of the snom range, the MeetingPoint provides  the ideal option for meeting room conference phones.

snom MeetingPoint Conferecne Phone

The snom MeetingPoint is perfectly qualified for use in middle to large conference rooms. As result of the reliable suppression of disturbing background noise and its excellent sound quality you can hold your telephone conferences in large groups of up to 10 persons without affecting the intelligibility of the call. Three speakers, equipped with full duplex broadband audio (7 kHz, codec “G.722”) provide balanced and full sound, which snom customers also know from the snom klarVoice handset. The integrated special microphones ensure that your interlocutors feel as if you are sitting in the neighbouring office - and not on the other side of the world!


With the new snom MeetingPoint you are able to allow for a total of external four parties to participate at the phone conference from different locations all over the world. This helps to control the time- and travel budget of every company!

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