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                                   Snom M3 DECT  IP Phone Data Sheet


Snom M3 DECT IP Phone


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Snom M3 DECT IP Phone

The Snom M3 Dect phone combines the benefit of VoIP with the mobility and flexibility offered by cordless DECT phones.


The Snom M3 brings together the quality expected from Snom with the mobility and flexibility provided by DECT phones.

Designed for the needs of the business community, the Snom M3 provides such functionality as 3 way conferencing, and up to 8 SIP accounts with every handset.


The Snom M3 base station can handle up to 8 separate DECT handset with a maximum of 3 concurrent calls. Wit a range of up to 50 metres, depending on the location, the M3 is an ideal complement to the Snom range of desktop phones.
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