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Snom 820 IP Phone


The Snom 820 is a new step in combining high class telephony with an extraordinary design. The Snom 820 is the beginning of a superior line of business VoIP phones. It's extraordinary elegance and performance combines both: latest technology and well known Snom features. The Snom 820 is an amazing experience for everybody who is used to the basic world of telephony.

That is the reason why we call the new Snom VoIP phone series:

The 8 experience


The Snom 820 VoIP phone is the beginning of a new business phone series from Snom.  It is like the prelude of a new masterpiece in VoIP technology. In this series we want to merge two of the main requirements of modern telephony in one device:  mature VoIP technology and design in a class of its own.  


The wideband technology used in the handset captures more than double of the spectrum of voice frequencies that by standard phones. This means the audio quality can be compared to FM radio.  On speakerphone a Class D amplifier reliably suppresses interference noise. This means high power conversion efficiency combined with an excellent sound.

The Snom 820 also offers a wide range of functions particularly relevant to the business world, like 5-way conferencing, multiple ringtones, and up to twelve different SIP identities. This is the meaning of independence in every day work. To guarantee maximum comfort the user interface of the Snom 820 is designed especially for a clear and intuitive operation.  

The new look of the Snom 820 was designed in cooperation with very renowned German industrial designers - and this first model of the new product line of Snom phones is living up to the highest expectations in functionality and timeless beauty.
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