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Since the telephone was invented over 100 years ago there has been little change in the need to rent many telephone lines or expensive ISDN connections to enable your staff to make and receive telephone calls. IP Telephone Lines, or SIP Trunks, from V4B is revolutionising the telecommunications industry allowing your business to make significant reductions in the number of telephone lines you need and reducing your monthly fixed cost on telecommunications. A single V4B IP Telephone Line, or SIP Trunk, provides unlimited capacity for inbound and outbound calls.

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IP Lines from V4B are fully functional SIP Trunks giving your business the benefits of a traditional telephone line at a fraction of the cost and also provides wide ranging additional functionality allowing your business to:

SIP Trunks or IP Telephone Line uses Voice over IP to provide your telephone lines, all you need is a broadband internet connection a VoIP device and your business can make and receive calls without the need for expensive traditional telephone lines or ISDN connections. V4B VoIP IP lines are SIP Trunks and  allow your business to make and receive many simultaneous calls  - no need for a different line or ISDN channel for each simultaneous call or to pay for extra lines that may only be used once or twice a week.

Remember, many VoIP Providers are consumer based and do not provide SIP Trunks but limit the number of concurrent calls you can make or receive through the VoIP or SIP number. Others charge additional fees for the privilege of making numerous calls through a SIP Trunk. V4B offers unlimited VoIP capacity on its UK IP Telephone numbers at no extra cost.

For even greater flexibility, V4B offers international telephone number from almost 40 countries around the world, as well as toll free numbers in a number of continents. V4B international numbers can be combined with our SIP trunks to enable your customers to call you from a local number with no additional call costs to yours business. Capacity for inbound calling is dependant on the country code being used, for more information go to International Telephone Lines.


V4B recommends a minimum of 60 kbps of broadband capacity for every simultaneous call.

VoIP telephone lines coupled with our IP PBX solution enables your business to have direct inbound dialling for every member of staff, separate voice mail and telephone numbers in several countries.  For more details or to acquire IP telephone lines contact us at


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