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VoIP from V4B is not just about making telephone calls. Using V4B you can receive calls through your VoIP lines from any traditional landline or mobile/cell phone telephone, just like a standard telephone line. You can even receive multiple telephone calls from the same VoIP telephone line, reducing the need for telephone lines or ISDN connections in your business. V4B numbers remain with you when you move, no need to ever worry about changing numbers again  and you can answer the numbers anywhere worldwide.  V4B can also provide your business with local telephone numbers in almost 40 countries around the world. VoIP from V4B opens a world of opportunities for your business.

Using Business VoIP from V4B you can also benefit from inbound calls just like from a standard telephone line. We can provide a telephone number that can be called from any fixed line or mobile/cell phone worldwide directly to your office extension. Your business can cut the cost of monthly line rentals, whether it's ISDN or Analogue, since using V4B numbers the calls are receive via your broadband bandwidth. With V4B VoIP lines you can receive multiple calls on the same line, giving even greater cost savings to your business.

Not only can you save on line rental costs, if you travel you can receive your calls anywhere in the world simple by plugging into the internet. For even more convenience you can use VoIP enable mobile/cell phone to make and receive calls from any available WiFi hotspot or via your GPRS data connection, eliminating the cost of mobile/cell roaming at a stroke. You can even have your mobile number diverted to your V4B VoIP numbers so your important calls will still get through to you. With our free voice mail you need never miss the important messages or worry about the cost of calling no matter where in the world you are.

Please remember that VoIP calls can only be made or received when connected to the internet. V4B recommends that customers retain at least one traditional landline in the event they lose their broadband connection or to make calls to the emergency services.


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