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VG-1422R Gateway


Pheenet VOIP-VG-1422R

4-Port RJ-11 VoIP Gateway Router (2FXO+2FXS)+1 WAN Port, SIP & H.323 Configurable

To meet the growing Internet telephony service demands, the PheeNet VG-1422R delivers the next-generation platform for voice services and applications> VG-1422R is reliable, efficient and TOC-saving; widely interoperable; and scalable and manageable solution for your VoIP network. VG-1422R is an entirely new kind of voice delivering superlative functionality and stellar audio quality.
PheeNet VoIP Gateway Router series are designed for ease-of-use. VG-1422R not only inherits traditions of quality voice communications and real-time fax data over IP networks, but VG-1422R also eliminates the human resource VoIP network deployment. With optimised SIP architecture, PheeNet VG-1422R is the ideal choices for small businesses to implement a fully functional VoIP service.

Least Cost Routing

Analogue Gateways

ISDN Gateways

Telephone Systems

Serviced Offices

Telephone Lines

With built-in PPPoE/DHCP/DDNS clients, up to 4 concurrent connections on modular in VG-1422R, voice communications can be established from anywhere around the world. PHEENET VG-1422R comes with intuitive user-friendly, yet powerful management interface (web), that can dramatically reduce IT personnel resource, and complete VoIP deployment in a short time, plus remote management capability, VoIP administrators can monitor machine/network status, or proceed maintenance/trouble-shooting service via Internet browser.


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