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Mediatrix Digital VoIP Gateways
Excellent connectivity with legacy office systems

VoIP designed for your business

Mediatrix Digital VoIP Gateways allow your business to utilise its current office telephone/PBX system in a VoIP environment, giving you the benefits of VoIP without discarding your legacy telephone system

Mediatrix Digital VoIP gateways are capable of connection to either Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) and Primary Rate ISDN (PRI/T1) giving a range of capabilities to meet all business needs.

The Mediatrix digital series of VoIP gateways can be used with V4B, the Business VoIP Provider, to maximise the benefits your business can achieve by implementing a
VoIP service without discarding legacy systems. Retain all the functionality of your existing office telephone system and gain the benefits of using VoIP from V4B.

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V4B the VoIP Provider for your business



V4B provides fully configured Mediatrix gateways to ensure your business gains the full benefits of implementing VoIP, the 21st century telecommunications service. The Mediatrix range of VoIP gateways include:

Mediatrix 4400 Series - Basic rate ISDN (BRI)
Mediatrix 3000 Series - Basic Rate or Primary Rate(PRI) ISDN
Mediatrix 2400 Series - Multi Port BRI
Mediatrix 3600 Series - Up to 2 Port PRI
Mediatrix 3500 Series - Up to 2 Port PRI