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Linksys SPA-400  VoIP Gateway
Provides Voicemail and PSTN access to your Linksys SPA-9000 IP PBX               

VoIP designed for your business

The Linksys SPA-400 Gateway Phone Adapter acts as a VoIP gateway and provides voice mail and resilience to a Linksys SPS-9000 IP PBX. With 4 FXO telephone ports the SPA-400 allows you to connect traditional telephone lines to your IP PBX offering greater resilience, the ability to retain your existing telephone numbers and provides up to 32 voice mail boxes.
The Linksys SPA-400 provides the perfect upgrade to your SPA-9000 and brings the transforming benefits of VoIP to your business.

Least Cost Routing

Telephone Systems

With Internet telephony (VoIP),   V4B offers not just low international call rates and free calls, but also an impressive array of special phone features are available. Choose your telephone number from over 30 countries regardless of where you live.  The Linksys SPA400 Phone Adapter is compatible with these and all of the other special telephone features that are available from V4B such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Distinctive Ring.

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