Least Cost Routing

Least cost routing or LCR is a telephony term referring to the sourcing of the lowest cost calling rates.

For v4b, least cost routing is engrained in our analytical process for selecting your telephony solution. In short, we will always seek out the lowest cost calling rates to fit your needs.


An immediate benefit of VOIP telephony is low cost and free calling. This comes partly from the industry being built on the global infrastructure of the internet.

Moving your telephony over to VOIP telephony provides access to numerous scenarios where call costs can be reduced significantly. Here are three VOIP least cost routing scenarios.




Clients can realise savings in excess of 50% against traditional suppliers.

Landlines and VOIP enabled mobiles

Call charges eliminated within your business. Significant cost reductions on calls on all other phones.

International telephone numbers

Local telephone numbers provided in almost 40 countries without the need for local offices. Clients, staff or suppliers dial a local number and are instantly connected to your business at competitive rates.



Non-VOIP, traditional

For UK-based clients with existing BT telephone lines, v4b can deliver reductions of at least 25% through least cost routing. You do not require hardware changes. You will dial your calls in the normal way and v4b will arrange for BT to route the calls directly to us.

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