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Grandstream Handytone Telephone Adaptors
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Grandstream Handytone ATA series
The Grandstream Handytone analogue telephone adaptor is an excellent value for money range of products providing a wide range of functionality and the Grandstream reputation for VoIP telephone devices

Analogue telephone adaptors, ATA, are an excellent way to enable small businesses or small remote offices to benefit from the excellent functionality and low cost of VoIP. Grandstream Handytone ATA's provide the flexibility of making VoIP calls through a standard telephone, including DECT phones, providing your business with all the benefits of VoIP without large capital outlay.

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Grandstream Handytone 286
Grandstream Handytone 386
Grandstream Handytone 486
Grandstream Handytone 496
Grandstream Handytone 502
Grandstream Handytone 503
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 HT 286HT 386HT 486HT 496HT 502HT 503
Ethernet Ports112222
DHCP ServerNoNoNoYesYesYes
FXS Ports121221
FXO Ports000001
Dual AccountsNoYesNoYesYesNo
PSTN Pass throughNoYesYesNoNoYes


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