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Free telephone calls                 
VoIP from V4B for your Business

VoIP designed for your business

With VoIP from V4B your business can benefit from free calls between locations and individuals through your normal office telephone and VoIP enabled mobile/cell phones. Whether your calling your overseas manufacturing site, your home based workers or your head office, you can make free calls with VoIP from V4B. Just one of the benefits of using V4B the telecommunications partner for your business.

There are many benefits from using VoIP for your business but the one most readily available is free calls. Calls using VoIP use the internet to transfer the calls from one VoIP device to another. For calls to traditional fixed lines or mobile/cell phones the VoIP portion of the call is from the callers VoIP device to the service providers VoIP gateway, the final portion of the call is then terminated through traditional telephone carriers.

Since the call between the two VoIP devices is using the internet the cost relating to this part of the call is fixed making each call effectively free. These services have been available on PC's through Instant Messaging products for several years. V4B is able to offer free calls using your normal office telephone or mobile/cell phone as part of its business VoIP service.

To achieve free calls both users must have VoIP capabilities, this could range from a PC softphone up to a large scale VoIP gateway or even a VoIP enabled mobile/cell phone, for information on the different types of VoIP devices click VoIP hardware.

For customers using H323 protocol specific dial plans are set up within each VoIP gateway, routing calls to the relevant IP address for the destination gateway rather than to the V4B gateway. Using SIP devices, the routing is done at the V4B switch, the customer simply dials the specific telephone number provided for the destination site. To learn about H323 and SIP click VoIP .

Gateways can be configured so that free calls are routed via the office PBX and answered in the same manner as external calls, or can be routed to dedicate IP Phones if so required. V4B can supply, configure and support VoIP gateways for your business or we can help your business configure existing gateways to achieve free calls and all the other benefits available to your business.

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