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Digital VoIP Gateways   
VoIP enable your ISDN lines                    

VoIP designed for your business

Digital VoIP gateways enable existing digital office telephone systems to utilise VoIP with a minimum of investment.

A  digital VoIP gateway connects directly to the outgoing ISDN  line enabling calls to be routed via VoIP or by the traditional PSTN  as required, These gateways connect between your PBX office system and your current traditional telephone provider. The gateway is then programmed to route calls over VoIP or through your existing supplier as appropriate without the need for reprogramming the existing office PBX.  This not only allows V4B to update routing remotely but also allows least cost routing (LCR) of your calls to ensure the most cost effective call management. In addition, ISDN based VoIP gateways offer resilience since calls can be automatically routed over the traditional telephone operator in the event of faults with the broadband connection and emergency calls will always be routed over the local telephone provider.  Installing a digital VoIP gateway provides major business benefits including:


Selecting the right VoIP gateway for your business is critical. V4B can support all the major gateways available to ensure your business maximises the benefits from implementing VOIP. Make sure you purchase the right VoIP equipment by contacting us on +44(0)20 3135 0145, +61 (0)280 147185 or  customerservices@voip4business.biz


V4B can supply, configure and support VoIP gateways from all major suppliers including:



Least Cost Routing

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