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Configuring VoIP Equipment                          Maximise the benefits of your investment in VoIP       

VoIP designed for your business

Many businesses who have invested in VoIP equipment never use the equipment since they are unable to successful configure the hardware. Even businesses that are using their VoIP hardware only make limited use of the rich functionality available through VoIP. V4B not only ensures that any equipment it supplies is fully customised to your business need, but we can also support your business in correctly configuring your VoIP equipment to maximise the benefits available to you from using V4B VoIP services.

Around 30% of VoIP equipment is never used and an even greater proportion is only providing limited benefit because it is not properly configured. Any hardware purchased from V4B is fully configured to ensure our customers gain the full benefits from the device. In addition, V4B is able to provide configuration assistance to customers with their own VoIP hardware to enable the customer to make VoIP calls through V4B, receive incoming calls, make calls between two VoIP devices and exploit the other functions of their hardware.

Whether your business has Cisco Call Manager or a Linksys ATA, V4B can configure your equipment to benefit from our revolutionary  VoIP services.

To join the VoIP revolution and bring your Business communications into the 21st Century contact V4B at info@voip4business.biz. If you already have your own VoIP hardware and want to maximise the return on your VoIP investment then talk to V4B at sales@voip4business.biz.


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We can configure your VoIP equipment to maximise the benefits to your business.
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