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Do you need to make international calls using your mobile phone? Do you pay large amounts in International roaming charges for the privilege of receiving calls? Could you benefit from the convenience of your mobile phone but cannot justify the high cost of international calls? V4B VoIP services not only offers significant reductions in the cost of using your mobile but can also integrate your mobiles into your office telephone system


If you have a mobile phone with Symbian or Windows Mobile capabilities then you can use VoIP from V4B to dramatically reduce your mobile calling and roaming costs.

Many Mobiles/Cell Phones now have built in Internet Phone/VoIP capabilities, allowing access to the V4B VoIP service without any requirements to download additional software. Contact us today on support@voip4business.biz to find out how to configure your Symbian or Windows Mobile phones to use our  VoIP service and benefit from the significantly reduced mobile/cell phone costs:


Calling through the VoIP capabilities of your mobile phone requires either access to a WiFi hotspot or use of the GSM data network. Remember that calling through the data network may incur a charge, including an international roaming element, depending on the data package included in your mobile/cell contract. A 1 minute VoIP call through the GSM network will use between 150knps and 250 kbps of bandwidth depending on the type of phone. In many regions V4B is able to provide an International data package that can provide sufficient bandwidth, even when overseas, to meet the needs of your VoIP mobile/cell phone. Contact us at sales@voip4business.biz for details.

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