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Save on International Call charges from your BT phone              

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Do you make international calls but don't want to change your telephone service from your current supplier?  For some business users it may make sense to retain BT for UK based calls but use an alternative telecommunications supplier for the more expensive international calls. V4B allows you to make calls from your BT phone at our great least cost routing call charges without needing to change your main supplier.

Companies based in the UK can benefit from the competitive rates offered by V4B through their landline simply by dialling our UK access code 16343 before entering the international number. The call is then automatically routed to V4B and charged at our great international call rates.

  1. Open an account with V4B    Sign Up

  2. Register your landline phone numbers, remembering to leave off the leading zero

  3. Top up your account using paypal, At our own discretion V4B may offer monthly credit terms to business customers who sign up for our indirect access service. Please contact creditcontrol@voip4business.biz for more details

  4. Make your international call dialling 16343 before your call number

  5. When your calls finished just end the call in the normal manner


Our international charges for our 16343 service include:

Argentina        15.00 p/min                        Japan                  5.00 p/min        
Australia           2.75 p/min                        Kuwait              15.00 p/min
Bahrain           20.00 p/min                        Latvia                  6.00 p/min
Brazil              10.00 p/min                        Malaysia              5.00 p/min
Canada             2.50 p/min                        Mexico              15.00 p/min
Colombia        15.00 p/min                        Netherlands         2.75 p/min
China                6.00 p/min                        New Zealand       2.75 p/min
Egypt              20.00 p/min                        Philippines          22.00 p/min
Germany           2.75 p/min                        Poland                 2.75 p/min
Greece              2.75 p/min                        Romania            10.00 p/min
Hong Kong       2.75 p/min                        Saudi Arabia      22.00 p/min
India               10.00 p/min                         Turkey                 7.00 p/min     
Israel                7.00 p/min                         USA                   2.20 p/min
all charges subject to VAT at current UK rates; Calls charged on a per second basis with a 3p minimum charge. Rates to mobile phone may vary, for full rates contact sales@voip4business.biz

Standard 16343 accounts are pre paid. Accounts can be topped up using paypal at our online management centre                          Log On

There is no reason for your business to overpay on making telephone calls.  

Changing to V4B is as simple as making a call

ring us free on  

0808 204 0347

or email us at sales@voip4business.biz


For our full rates schedule or to find out how V4B  can cut the telephone costs for your business contact sales@voip4business.biz  or call us on 0808 204 0347


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