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V4B is committed to provide our business customers the most competitive call rates coupled with the highest call quality. Many UK telephone service operators promote competitive call rates for calls to UK landlines  and still charge high rates for calls to International locations. Often such operators provide comparison with BT  standard published rates, despite the fact that most businesses can achieve significantly lower rates even with BT.

With Carrier Pre Select (CPS) calls from your existing BT telephone lines are automatically routed to our telephone switches. You simply give us permission to route your calls and within 21 days you will be saving money and you retain your current telephone numbers. By providing great international call rates to our customers, V4B is able to provide substantial savings to business customers. Even when you business only makes occasional international calls, these can often account for the majority of your call costs.

V4B aims to provide the best basket of call rates across the telecommunications industry.  We therefore offer a

guarantee that we will save you at least 25%

on your call costs if you use our services. For more information contact us today at sales@voip4business.biz or call 0808 204 0347


Our international calls rates using CPS include:


Argentina         15.00 p/min                          Kuwait                 15.00 p/min
Australia            2.75 p/min                          Latvia                   12.00 p/min
Bangladesh      10.00 p/min                          Lebanon               25.00 p/min
Bahrain            20.00 p/min                          Luxemburg             2.75 p/min
Brazil               10.00 p/min                          Macao                 10.00 p/min  
Canada              2.20 p/min                          Malaysia                5.00 p/min
China                 8.00 p/min                          Mexico                15.00 p/min
Colombia         15.00 p/min                          Morocco              28.00 p/min    
China                 6.00 p/min                          Netherlands            2.75 p/min 
Cyprus             11.00 p/min                          New Zealand         2.75 p/min            Egypt               20.00 p/min                          Nigeria                 22.00 p/min
Finland               4.00 p/min                          Oman                  20.00 p/min
Germany            2.75 p/min                          Pakistan               15.00 p/min      
Greece               2.75 p/min                          Philippines            25.00 p/min
Hong Kong         2.75 p/min                         Poland                    2.75 p/min
Hungary              5.50 p/min                         Romania               10.00 p/min
India                 10.00 p/min                         Russia                   11.00 p/min
Israel                  7.00 p/min                         Saudi Arabia          22.00 p/min  
Italy                    2.75 p/min                         Singapore                2.75 p/min          Japan                  5.00 p/min                         Turkey                    7.00 p/min
Korea (South)    8.00 p/min                          USA                       2.20 p/min
all charges subject to VAT at current UK rates; Calls charged on a per second basis with a 2p minimum charge. Rates to mobile phone may vary. For full rates contact sales@voip4business.biz

There is no reason for your business to overpay on making telephone calls.  

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