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Analogue VoIP Gateways   
The cost effective means to VoIP enable your legacy office telephone system                      

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Analogue VoIP  gateways are the most flexible VoIP gateways for many small and medium sized businesses worldwide. From small 2 line standalone gateways through to multiple daisy chained 16 port gateways, analogue VoIP gateways can VoIP enable your business either through your existing office telephone systems or on a  standalone basis.

 Analogue gateways are available with two different port configurations FXS or FXO depending on whether the gateway is used on a stand alone basis with analogue phones directly connected or integrated into an office telephone system.  In essence, an FXS VoIP port cannot connect directly to the public telephone network (PSTN) but can be used with a standard analogue telephone or an analogue telephone system to make VoIP calls. An FXO port does connect directly to the PSTN allowing calls to be made via the PSTN and also allowing incoming calls to be diverted via the VoIP service. This is particularly useful in enabling your staff to make international calls from their mobile/cell phones at our excellent call rates.  Learn how to maximise the benefits of a VoIP gateway with the flexibility of both FXS and FXO ports.

Stand alone Voice over IP gateway configurations are suitable for small offices with no existing office telephone system, callshops or where the number of users of the VoIP service will be very small.  Installation of a stand alone environment is simple once the gateway has been correctly configured and a VoIP account is obtained with a VoIP provider such as V4B. Just by plugging analogue phones directly into the VoIP gateway and connecting to your broadband  the business can make and receive calls via  VoIP. Since any analogue telephone can be connected to the gateways it is possible to connect your Fax machine and even use wireless phones for even great flexibility. VoIP gateways are programmable using dial plans, allowing you to include speed dialling, follow on for incoming calls if the first port is engaged and many other functions that make communications easier and   more cost effective for  a small business. Using Voice over IP from V4B for incoming calls also provides free voicemail and since its VoIP its possible to pick the messages up anywhere in the world through the internet. For a schematic outline of a typical FXS installation please click FXS VoIP gateway.

For connection to an existing analogue office system, the best solution is to use an FXS VoIP gateway with a PBX. In this instance the PBX needs to be reprogrammed so that the appropriate calls can be routed via the gateway. For instance, if only the international calls were to be routed via VoIP in most countries the PBX would route all numbers starting 00 through the VoIP gateway with the remainder still going through the local phone company. If all calls were to be sent via VoIP the PBX would be programmed so that only emergency calls went across the local telephone network. The disadvantage of this approach is that programming is required on the existing office telephone system. This is offset by the major advantage that  the office staff continue to access an outside line in the same manner as they have always done, thus ensuring the maximum usage of the VoIP service. 

Detailed schematics of this configurations are available at FXS VoIP

For ultimate flexibility it is possible to use a combined FXS and FXO VoIP Gateway.

V4B can also provide local numbers and toll free numbers in many countries, with the calls being directed to the VoIP gateway. With two VoIP gateways in separate locations it is possible to make free calls between the locations simply by dialling a speed dial.

Selecting the right VoIP gateway for your business is critical. V4B can support all the major gateways available to ensure your business maximises the benefits from implementing VOIP. Make sure you purchase the right VoIP equipment by contacting us on +44(0)20 3135 0145; +61 (0)280 147185 or  customerservices@voip4business.biz

If you need support in configuring your existing FXS gateway, or want to find out more about the benefits from using Voice over IP then please contact customerservices@voip4business.biz

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