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Analogue Telephone Adaptors (ATA's) - the easy way to use VoIP from your phone             

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VoIP Analogue Telephone Adaptors (ATA's) are the low cost way to convert your traditional telephone to VoIP. As ATA's can take any analogue based telephone, you can VoIP enable even a wireless phone to give you maximum flexibility. If your business only needs a few phones, without the full functionality of an office system, or if you have home workers or are in a serviced office then an ATA is an ideal way to join the VoIP revolution.

VoIP hardware is available in many forms and it is critical for your business to have the correct VoIP equipment to gain the maximum VoIP benefits for the lowest cost. ATA’s are the perfect means of implementing VoIP for a single users, small businesses, retail shops or serviced offices. ATA’s are small VoIP gateways with either 1 or 2 ports. With an ATA you can plug in your existing telephones rather than need to buy a more expensive IP Telephone.  ATA’s are compatible with any analogue phone meaning that it is possible to use standard Dect phones, conference phones  and answer phones with a VoIP service as well as a basic telephone handset. ATA’s can be small enough to fit in your hand, making them ideal for travelling and enabling you to make and receive VoIP calls and access your voice mail via any broadband connection worldwide.

ATA’s range in functionality cost and ease of use. The price range starts with products such as the Grandstream Handytone ATA 286 that provide a single port with basic functionality at highly competitive prices through to two port products with additional connection to a traditional telephone line giving full resilience and the convenience of being able to answer both VoIP calls and calls through your landline from the same telephone.

The main features to consider when you are looking to buy an ATA are:


V4B supplies ATA's pre configured to ensure your business can make immediate use of them. V4B provides ATA's from all the major manufacturers including:


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