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Do you do business with the USA? Can you benefit from your US customers calling a local American number when they talk to you?  Do you need to offer a USA toll free number to compete? Improve your customer experience and answer their local USA calls anywhere in the world with V4B.

V4B can provide telephone numbers for almost all USA telephone codes and also toll free/free phone numbers.

Calls can be terminated on the customers’ own VoIP gateway or V4B can divert calls to any landline or mobile/cell phone worldwide through our VoIP service. A standard V4B international telephone number enables two simultaneous calls to be made, additional call capacity can be provided in most countries.

Set up Costs for local and toll free US telephone numbers are US$ 18 (€12) per number and monthly rental is US$18 (€12) per number for geographic numbers and free phone numbers.


Call from local US telephone numbers are free of charge to VoIP devices or charged at V4Bs low cost international call rates for calls to mobile/cell phones or traditional landlines.

For calls from US toll free/free phone numbers are charged at US$ 0.065 (€ 0.045) per minute in addition to any standard termination charges.

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