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GSM Gateways enable your business to manage down the high cost of calling mobile/cell phones from your office. In many countries there is a significant additional premium in calling a mobile phone from a landline, particularly compared to calling from another mobile or cell phone. Using a GSM gateway can dramatically reduce the cost of calling mobiles/cell phones.

Large GSM Gateways provide bigger businesses the opportunity to efficiently connect their PBX/office telephone system to the major mobile/cell phone networks. Using these devices, calls from your office desk phones are effectively converted to calls from mobile/cell phones. In many countries calls from landlines to mobile/cell phones carry a significant premium compared to calls from mobiles to mobiles. Utilising a GSM gateway enables your business to take advantage of the lower cost of calling from mobile to mobile, even from your office phones. In these countries implementing a GSM Gateway solution can provide a payback is a few months making a compelling case for using GSM Gateways

As an example, in the UK calling mobile phones from a normal landline can cost between 9p/minute and 15p/minutes depending on network. The major networks sell both cross network and own network tariffs from as low as 4p/minute, giving potential saving in excess of 50% of the cost of calling mobile/cell phones from your office landline.

Large GSM Gateways  offer businesses , with multiple locations, or high volumes of calls to mobiles/cell phones all the benefits of a FCT combined with the sophistication required to maximise the benefits  for the business. The three key elements of a GSM Gateway are SIM management; number portability and VoIP capabilities:

SIM ManagementWhen acquiring SIMS for use in a GSM gateway you can either use cross network or single network SIMS. Cross network provides more flexibility but your SIM Manager needs to ensure that you do not exceed the contracted number of minutes since this generally results in exorbitant additional charges

Number PortabilityNetwork specific SIM cards normally provide  cheaper call charges provided you can guarantee the traffic is going across the network the destination mobile is currently contracted to. Wit number portability in many countries it is no longer possible to determine the network from the number being phoned. A number of database exist that enable you to confirm the current network. Without such a database, it is probable that a significant number of cross network calls will be made giving rise to potentially high additional charges

VoIP - VoIP is critical when your business has multiple locations, enabling    you to connect all locations to a central GSM gateway and providing maximum benefit from the GSM gateway.

V4B can support your business in the implementation of the optimum GSM Gateway. As a reseller of  Quescomm GSM gateways we are able to fully integrate these gateways into your VoIP solution. In addition, V4B can provide a hosted GSM gateway solution, either as part of a hosted IP-PBX service, in combination with an V4B VoIP gateway solution or on a stand alone basis.

The regulatory situation in some countries prevents the resale of GSM minutes without a licence or the express agreement of the mobile operator. In most countries it is allowable for companies to use their own SIMS to carry their company traffic through GSM gateways. In an V4B hosted environment, SIMS are contracted to the customer who pays the GSM mobile operator directly. A monthly hosting fee is paid to V4B to cover the management, rental and hosting of the GSM gateways.

For more information regarding GSM Gateways and Fixed Cellular Terminals and how they can assist your business in reducing your telephone costs contact V4B at sales@voip4business.biz or call us on +44 (0) 207 442 2229 or +61 (0)280 147185





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