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IP phones look and feel just like a normal office phone but can make and receive VoIP calls with just an internet connection. IP telephones are excellent for home workers; serviced offices or other individual users. For larger offices, IP phones combined with an IP PBX provides a powerful and cost effective communications system for your business.

IP Telephones are stand alone VoIP devices that look like an ordinary telephone handset but effectively include a single port VoIP gateway. This enables users to make and receive VoIP call directly from an IP telephone without the need of additional hardware or computer software using VoIP service providers such as V4B.  

IP telephones represent an excellent way for small businesses to gain the benefits of VoIP. For a cost effective way to implement VoIP, IP telephones can be directly connected to the V4B VoIP service providing a telephone number and voice mail account enabling you to just plug the phone into your office or home network and make and receive calls instantly. In addition, calls between IP telephones on the V4B network are free of charge giving even greater benefits. For even greater functionality, combining an IP PBX,  with IP telephones provides your business with a fully functional office telephone system at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. V4B provides IP telephones pre configured to ensure your business can simply plug and play immediately you receive the phone.

IP telephones using the V4B VoIP service offer the following benefits:

IP phones can connect to an ADSL or cable broadband connection or a Local Area Network through most available Routers. SIP and IAX based IP phones are able to transverse most business firewalls and networks. There are many IP phones available on the market varying significantly in price and functionality. V4B can provide pre configured IP telephones from the major suppliers of IP Phones including:



For even more flexibility use an IP Dect phone.

The benefits of VoIP coupled with a cordless telephone


Like traditional telephones, IP phones range from a simple telephone handset with limited functionality through to sophisticated desk top business phones. If you require conference phones, wi-fi phones or even video phones there is a VoIP phone that will meet your needs.

IP phones can be used on a standalone basis just like a standard telephone or in conjunction with an IP-PBX system to provide high levels of functionality. For a stand alone office or home worker the Grandstream  range can provide an excellent entry level product at very favourable prices.


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