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Hosted IP PBX
The benefits of a VoIP Office Telephone system without the Capital cost

VoIP designed for your business

A hosted IP PBX provides all the benefits of an owned office telephone system at the cost of shared hosted package. The V4B hosted IP PBX allows your business phones at many locations to be part of the same office system. Enjoy all the benefits of VoIP, without the upfront capital cost.

The V4B hosted IP PBX IP PBX solution, aipVoxx,  enables your business to achieve the benefits of expensive PBX’s hardware at low costs. A hosted IPBX is ideal for small businesses, particularly with offices in multiple locations where all the phones across the locations are extensions off the hosted IP PBX.

With our hosted aipVoxx IP PBX you achieve the optimum VoIP solution implemented with no disruption to your business.  Our IP PBX solution offers you the following benefits:

Bring your business communications into the 21st Century today with a hosted PBX solution from V4B 

An IP PBX needs to be used in conjunction with IP Telephones. To find out more about the telephones available to you click IP Telephones or contact us at sales@voip4business.biz.

If your business needs its own PBX or your current size or growth expectations reduce the cost effectiveness of a hosted service then V4B can offer the right solution for your business. Owning your own IP PBX offers even greater cost savings than a hosted solution as your business grows and can provide outstanding levels of functionality at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office telephone system.

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