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FXS VoIP Gateways
Typical FXS VoIP Gateway Configuration        

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A VoIP Gateway with FXS ports allows your business to connect your existing office telephone systems directly to the V4B  VoIP service providing  the immediate cost savings and other benefits from using VoIP.

For customers with existing analogue office telephone systems an FXS VoIP Gateway can be connected to the system giving all the benefits of your current office infrastructure and the cost savings and benefits associated with VoIP, without any change in the way your staff make calls.

The FXS VoIP Gateway is connected to the analogue outgoing ports of the office system/PBX. For each simultaneous VoIP call made a separate FXS port is required, so if you expect a maximum of 4 simultaneous VoIP calls then a 4 port VoIP gateway and 4 free analogue ports on the PBX are required.

The PBX can then be programmed to route calls either through your existing public telephone network or the VoIP service as required. so if you only want International call to go via the VoIP service your PBX is programmed so that all calls starting 00 are routed via the FXS ports.

If you have more than one office then it is possible to make free calls between both locations via your normal office phones with VoIP gateways at both end. The gateway dial plan is configured in such a way so that calls to your other office are routed directly to the IP address of that office gateway over the internet. all other VoIP calls would continue to be routed to the V4B switches to benefit from our high quality competitively priced VoIP services.

A typical FXS application is shown below

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