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FXS/FXO VoIP Gateways
Analogue VoIP Gateways with maximum flexibility for your business    

VoIP designed for your business

A VoIP Gateway with FXS and FXO ports allows the customer to combine the benefits of VoIP with the mobility of mobile/cell phones in an office environment

An FXS/FXO VoIP gateway allows your business to utilise your VoIP Provider for office calls, calls from standard telephones and calls from mobiles cell phones.

The FXS VoIP ports can connect directly to your public telephone network enabling incoming calls to answered through the VoIP gateway. With the FXO ports connected to the VoIP Provider through the internet the office phones can use either the VoIP service or the traditional telephones.

If the VoIP gateway is correctly configured, incoming calls through the FXS ports can be routed to the FXO ports enabling then to be then transmitted through the VoIP service. This allows your external staff to make calls through your VoIP Provider. with V4B as your business VoIP Provider we can enable external phones such as mobiles/cell phones to utilise your business VoIP account.  That means by simply calling a local number your mobile users can then make international telephone calls at the competitive VoIP calling rates, giving significant cost savings to your business. If you have other locations on the same VoIP network it also means that your mobile users can benefit from the free calls between locations in the network.

A typical FXS/FXO application is shown below

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