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FXO VoIP Gateways
Typical FXO VoIP Gateway Configuration        

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A VoIP Gateway with FXO ports allows a customer to connected traditional telephone lines to a VoIP PBX or directly to a VoIP Provider

Using FXO VoIP gateways enable your business to connect traditional analogue telephone lines directly to an IP PBX or to a business VoIP Provider such as V4B.
An FXO gateway coupled with an IP PBX such as 3CX enables your business to gain the benefits of without changing your current telephone numbers no matter where you are in the world.

The FXO VoIP Gateway is connected to the analogue telephone lines so inbound calls over the existing telephone numbers are converted to VoIP and passed to the PBX. Outbound calls can be directed straight to the V4B VoIP service giving major call cost savings and free calls between connected locations.  Each traditional telephone line requires a separate FXO port on the VoIP gateway, so if you have 4 inbound analogue telephone lines you require a 4 port FXO gateway

An FXO gateway also allows your business to access the V4B VoIP service from your business mobile/cell phones, opening up the cost advantage of VoIP with the convenience of your mobile/cell phone. Make even greater savings for your business with VoIP calls from your mobiles as well as your office telephone.

A typical FXO application is shown below

FXO VoIP gateway setup

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